One Owner 1965 Corvette


   Our customer just bought this from the original owner with 37800 miles. It’s a 365 horse 327, 4 speed, power windows and 2 tops. It appears to be in great shape. The only problems I could see immediately was the alarm key hole in the left louver panel. Also the original owner thought the car would be worth more with a new paint job.

   The re-paint is terrible, to bad this one needs to be stripped. The plan is to strip and repaint it in lacquer. Under hood, doorjams and under decklid are real nice and undisturbed, they will be left alone.  Should be interesting, I painted lacquer for about 20 years, but haven’t sprayed any for another 20. Am I showing my age?

Stripping The Vette


        Stripping the vette is coming along. So far no damage has been found.

Lots of Pictures Corvette Stripped



          The 1965 Corvette is stripped.  The only damage found is 3 small bumps to the body lines, 1 in the left front, one in the nose and 1 at the right louver panel. After painting over 1000 of these cars, I can count on 1 hand, those that were as nice as this. What a pleasure it is to work on such a nice piece.

The Vette Is Blocked And Primed


Time to soak up some sun.