Well, I guess this is as good a place as any to start. Here is a 34 ford “kit” car that the owner paid someone $4000.00 to build in his garage for him (including paint). If you have ever built a car, you know that $4000 will not go very far.

         I put the word kit in parentheses, because there is no such thing. I have never seen a complete   “car in a box”.  

        Needless to say, this customer was not happy at all. I don’t know the manufacturer of the kit was, but it was not nice. As you can see from the pictures, a lot of cutting and glass-work was needed, in order to make things fit and function properly.


Upper Doors and Deck Lid


        Time to get to work. First I’ll deal with doors. The top of the doors hung out from the roof. The door jams had a good fit to the weather-strip, so I Had to take a “pie” cut around the window frame (larger at the top), lean the outer window frame in and glass it back together. The channel for the window run then had to be opened up.


      Next, the deck lid area. all the inside corners were sharp 90′s (the first place to crack). All the corners were repaired and radiused with glass. The license plate mounting was too high, that was glassed up also.                                                                                                                 





Door Gaps and Roof

               Some of the door gaps were tight. some were huge and had to be filled with fiberglass. The tight areas were filed. Now the gaps are consistant. Even some of the “bead” around the lower body was missing. That too was built up with fiberglass, ground to shape and finished off with icing.

              The roof for the, most part, blocked out ok. Over the drivers door i got pretty deep into the glass.

Finished Car

                     The car is finished. Three coat of Matrix System viper yellow and two coats of Matrix ms42 clear. You could see in the progress pictures, the finish left a lot to be desired. Not a problem now.