Once all the necessary  repairs were made,

3 coats of a 2k primer where applied.



Blocking and Sealer

The primer was blocked with a 6″ block and 180 grit, to avoid “over restoring”

the bodywork.  This was followed by 320 on a finishing sander.

After cleaning, 2 coats of a sandable sealer were applied.

This looks like the primer.

Red Oxide


Now red oxide primer is sprayed on all areas

where thin paint is expected by N.C.R.S.    

All the jam areas also receive one coat so that

the fiberglass texture shows through.

resize35 resize32 resize31 resize30 resize26 resize24 resize23 resize37 resize40 resize41 resize42 resize44 resize45


Waiting On Color

We are working hard to create a correct formula

for this color.  Several have come close, but the

pearl content in Sebring Silver is causing

us a hard time. I don’t see the sense in

going this far and not having the color

as exact as possible. A real good match should

be right around the corner.