1963 Studabaker Avanti R2


Here is a 1963 Avaniti, that came in for full paint.  As you can see, it is not in too bad of shape other than the sun roof.

Avanti Damage Noted Before Disassembly


   Found the upper lert rear window moulding dented and the right hand windshield moulding dented. the rear bumper was much tighter on one side than the other. Preliminary disassembly of the Avanti complete.

Avanti R2 New Roof


      With the windshield and rear glass removed, the sunroof and roof were removed. The owner aquired a N.O.S. roof panel, quite a find. The roof was bonded in place.

Stripping Avanti


      Five paint jobs plus primers and sealers, oh no, all jams must be stripped now!