Suprise Damage on The Avanti


  After striping, damage was found on every panel except the nose area, the nose is where the owner was told there was poor repairs. The right front corner looked to be knocked off the car, pop rivets and bondo (in my opinion) do not constitute a repair. The stress cracks, are expected with a 50 year old fiberglass car but I guess you can hide alot eggshelled beneath 5 paint jobs. All of the repairs had to be removed and redone.

Avanti R2 no Grille


         As you can see there was no damage at all to the nose area. Also, a grille was never installed on this car.

Avanti Body in Primer


                     The body is in primer finally!

More Stripping



                           The Avanti door jams are stripped, along with the trunk lid. the hood blanket removed, what a mess. My hand ware soaked with oi, brake fluid, oil and coolant. After strippnig this, it will need several coats of water bourne primer to prevent fish eyes.