63 “Split Window” Fuelie

Here is a 1963 Corvette, Fuel Injected, Coupe. I removed the Kelsey Hayes knock-offs for safe keeping. Window openings are masked off to keep the mess down to a small roar. Even though this car will get a new interior, the less dirt the better. [...]

Striping the Factory Primer

The factory, cracking lacquer primer must be stripped. Care must be taken not to disturb any of the factory defects. This car will be judged by N.C.R.S. The time involved do this properly is a necessity. It has been sanded carefully with 180 grit on a finishing sander.



All The Jam Areas


The door and hood jam areas have to be stripped carefully, as not to remove any grinder cuts and maintain the fiberglass print through. A lot of time was spent to achieve this.






There where only a couple repairs that had to be made. While there where some pretty “cheasy” repairs done in the past, they where corrected along with the others. None of the factory repairs where disturbed at all.